Top 3 Ways To Baby Proof Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

If you’re planning for your first child or have an already large family to look after, your family’s safety is always a top priority. We at Huey Brown Kitchen & Appliances understand that making sure your home is secure can seem overwhelming and daunting. To baby proof your home is among the most efficient ways to limit risks. Two of the most important furniture items to protect children are drawers and cabinets.

Kids are an enthralling bunch, and this could lead them to amazing discoveries, but also dangerous ones, as crawling or cruising tots can be involved in all kinds of things. Keeping them under constant supervision; however, children are quite quick. In the time it takes to pick up the phone or prepare the coffee pot, your sweetie might be buried in the garbage or tearing open the drawer of knives.

So, locking down your cabinets and drawers is a great idea. Make a list of the areas you store hazardous things such as household cleaning supplies, silverware, knives, insects repellents, and pesticides such as mouthwash, polish removers, and medicines.

The Importance of Baby Proof Cabinets and Drawers

Although you might think, “I don’t plan on having a baby in the office or kitchen,” it is still crucial to safeguard all drawers and kitchen cabinets that could contain dangerous items or items that an uninitiated toddler might be able to get into and cause an accident. 

As soon as babies begin crawling, you’ll be amazed at how fast they can move, usually without knowing it. As they begin pulling upwards, they’ll attempt to climb all over everything as well as curious toddlers and pre-schoolers may enter rooms or other parts of the home, such as near the fireplace that is typically forbidden, and look through drawers to find fascinating treasures.

If it’s that knife-drawer, a cabinet for cleaning, or even the office equipment, select one of these drill-free options to ensure your child’s safety and cleanliness.

Let’s look at the many ways and products available to you to make your drawers and cabinets baby proof:

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic cabinet locks are hidden from the exterior of the cabinet. Therefore, they’re a great hidden alternative. You won’t be able to tell anyone there are locks in your cabinets until they attempt to open the doors!

They are simple to install and do not require drilling unless the cabinets are constructed out of particleboard.

To put it on, remove the sticker from the adhesive. Then, utilize this yellow pattern to make sure of the proper alignment. There is no measuring or marking necessary.

When cabinets are closed and locked, the lock closes. Open the cabinets using a magnetic “key,” opens the latch. There are also switches to deactivate the lock in case you are cooking and need to shut and open doors often, or if your baby is with a different parent, you can disable the lock so that you don’t have to pull the key, again and again, every time you need to reach for something.

Cabinet Locks Adhesive Mount

Cabinet locks that are adhesive come with two pads of adhesive, which attach to the opposite one of the sides of the cabinets. They are joined with a stretchy band.

While they aren’t inaccessible for the uninitiated as magnetic locks, their advantages are due to the band’s flexibility; you can choose from an abundance of places they can be installed.

The refrigerator’s door, the trash bin, or the lid on the toilet is just one of many places children love to explore that you would most likely want them to stay out of, and these locks can help.

Cord Cabinet Locks

Cabinet locks made of the cord are a low-cost, simple alternative for knobs (though not handles) and cabinet materials that are hard for adhesives to stick, such as particleboard.

Wrap your cord over the knobs on the cabinet and secure the cord with the stopper on the cord, just like the cords that you discover inside the hood of a raincoat.

The cord locks for cabinet doors are an inexpensive option and can move across cabinets to the next or be removed and brought when you move to a different home. They’re great for those going through moving or who need solutions that don’t cause financial hardship.


Securing drawers and baby proof kitchen cabinets are the most challenging aspects of being a parent. Within a few seconds, your child could create destruction you’ve never imagined, even if you’re focused and watching them attentively.

The most important thing is to enjoy these moments and allow them to inspire you to create your home a more peaceful, more secure place that is safe for you and your children.

Contact Huey Brown Kitchen & Appliances for the best cabinets design to use for an efficient baby proof layout.

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