Top 3 Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Organization

The kitchen is the constant beating heart in any household that is sadly often left to fend for itself in terms of management. Unless you have experience working in a retail kitchen space, you’re likely finding yourself searching for tools and specific pans in the oddest of places. Without even realizing it, you end up having all the cutlery mixed in with the knives which are just begging for an accident to occur. 

This occurs more often when you move to a new place after getting used to how your original kitchen was set up. The sudden lack of a pantry cabinet or extra shelf can throw off your kitchen organization immediately. Luckily for you, we’ve collated three of the best ideas for kitchen cabinet organization so that you can make the most out of the kitchen space you have.

3 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

Listed below, you will find a short list of the top 3 ideas for kitchen cabinet organization:

Pullout Shelving

Pullout shelving is a unique modern feature that can easily be installed in most kitchen cabinetry. Made up of several equal space shelves on a rolling rack, you essentially have a multi-layer mini-shelf space right in the confines of your kitchen that you can pull out when you need and tuck away when you don’t. 

These shelves are particularly useful for those that like to utilize a lot of different spices as this can help you organize all the ingredients in separate containers without having to pull each one out to figure if it’s the right spice you’re looking for. With pullout shelving, you essentially move the entire cabinet out for you to have a top-down overview of all your spices, making things much easier in a smaller kitchen space. 

Built-in Dividers

Despite how useful pullout shelving can be, you’ll need to be handy with some home tools to properly install it. Short of hiring a professional to install the shelving for you, you’re likely going to need time to properly measure your cabinet space and get the right tools to help you with the job. 

If you don’t have that time and would rather do something a little less permanent, you can always opt for one of the simplest ways to keep your cabinetry organized: dividers. These little handy separating walls within your cabinet, though simple, can mean the world of difference when it comes to keeping your key kitchen tools apart. 

With a proper divider set-up within your cabinetry, you can store all your plates in the proper orientation as well as your cups and mugs without having to take multiple levels of the cabinet. Some dividers even have hooks so you can hold some of the more awkwardly shaped cooking utensils. For better stability, some dividers come in with installation features, but these are likely to be much simpler than the pull-out shelf. 

Trash & Recycling Drawer

We’ve talked about all the storage ideas for the stuff you regularly utilize in the kitchen, but people rarely give thought to how best to organize the trash they generate while cooking and prepping meals. From food scraps to plastic containers, the amount of waste generated in the kitchen can give any homeowner a headache if not managed properly. 

In line with our theme of organizing everything within our humble kitchen cabinets, modern designs have now also developed ways to store your trash and recycle in similar fashions within your cabinet so that you can easily access it at any time. Moreover, you can avoid the ugly sight of a long-standing trashcan and have it neatly tucked away from your guests’ eyes.  


While we’ve discussed several popular kitchen organization options, there are so many more design choices you can have for your home kitchen that better fit the space you inhabit. For a guided hand on the possibilities, you can do with a quick kitchen makeover, call Huey Browns Kitchen and Appliances for all kitchen cabinet needs.