Three Useful Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

The kitchen is typically the heart of the household due to the abundance of use and traffic utilized on a daily basis. Making the kitchen a place to enjoy for not only the homeowners, but also for guests is of paramount importance to most.

One would typically argue that the kitchen is where most of the memories are made, therefore many homeowners spend a lot of money and effort to ensure their kitchen is always top notch. Here at Huey Brown, we want to ensure we equip our customers with the amazing ideas and design features to bring this most important part of a home to life! In this article, however, we are going to take a different angle. Although our bread and butter is to ensure your kitchen is aesthetically appeasing, we also understand the practicality of well designed kitchen cabinets as well.

Pull Out Trash Cans

Trash cans can sometimes be an eyesore in the kitchen, especially if they are always full. However, for obvious reasons, they are absolutely needed. We recommend the use of pull out trash cans. Although they are not new, they can definitely help with making your kitchen a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, it opens up space in your kitchen, making organization in your kitchen a little bit more easy.

Some other reasons as to why pull out trash cans are recommended for your kitchen:

  •  Keeping Odors Under Control

Needless to say, trash cans can dispel a pretty rancid odor from time to time. Although a pull out trash can may not eliminate the odor completely, it can definitely help with keeping the odors at bay for little longer.

  • Ease of Access

Many pull out trash cans these days are designed with rollers that allow the trash bin to roll out the open cabinet with ease. Also, if designed properly, the cabinet can sometimes accommodate to two areas for bins – 1 for trash and the other for recycling!

Built-in Lazy Susan

Don’t you hate it when something is WAAAY in the back of the cabinet or pantry and you can reach it. That’s the whole purpose of a Lazy Susan. A Lazy Susan will allow you to store often used items on a rotating platform, so instead of reaching way in the back of a cabinet for something, you can actually just spin the rotating platform until it easily accessible. A Lazy Susan is certainly one of the best ideas in regards to kitchen cabinet organization.

 Benefits of a built-in lazy Susan include:

  •  You Access Items Quickly

A built-in lazy Susan allows you to access various items easily and maximize space inside your cabinets. They are a safe bet for cabinets connecting wall-to-wall with corner cupboards that are difficult to reach.

  • Easy To Use

Lazy Susans have shelves on a rotating base. That means they provide the best way to stack spices, cookware, and other kitchen items that you use frequently. Furthermore, you can label it so that your family knows that only kitchen items go in that.

Soft Close Wood Drawer Boxes

As a kitchen designer, we understand the pain you go through when hearing your kitchen drawers getting slammed! If you are ready to eliminate the slamming of kitchen drawers, soft close drawers are your one-stop solution. 

Here are some benefits of investing in soft close drawers for your kitchen:

  • No Slamming Doors

With these upgraded products, you don’t have to worry about your guests, or kids slamming your drawers shut. With this new engineering, drawers slowly shut on their own when slight pushed inwards eliminating further damage to your beautiful kitchen.

  • Less Maintenance

Although these drawers won’t prevent you from banging you hip on the drawer handles, it will definitely prevent unwanted maintenance. Before the invention of soft close drawers, it was common that cabinet frames would become weak, along with a lot of chipped paint through years of excessive slamming. 

Please contact Huey Brown’s Kitchen and Appliances for any questions in regards to your kitchen cabinet ideas.

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