The 3 Kitchen Design Mistakes Homeowners Make

Most people have daydreamed about their perfect kitchen space—especially after watching cooking shows or sitcoms that include fantastic kitchens as a part of the set. While there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming, sometimes your dream kitchen won’t translate into reality.

Many appliances and accouterments in your dreams will not have the same visual effect or practical functionality when you implement them in real life.

If you’re redesigning your kitchen, you want to make the best of the space you have by combining realistic expectations with achievable dream elements. For this reason, our team at Huey Brown’s Kitchens and Appliances put together this short list of kitchen design mistakes (or crimes) you should avoid.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should…

It’s important to take both functionality and visual presentation into consideration when redesigning your kitchen. You may feel tempted to lean more into your imagination than to think practically. Consider how much space you have, how much space you need, and where your appliances will fit into the equation.

This is a difficult undertaking, especially for one person. So if you’re in the NOLA area, don’t hesitate to contact us at Huey Brown’s Kitchens and Appliances for custom kitchen design in New Orleans. With that said, let’s jump into the logistics of three kitchen design mistakes you need to avoid.

Don’t Force a Kitchen Island

A big kitchen island is often a cornerstone desire for many people when designing their dream kitchen. Islands provide more space for food preparation, storage, and seating for a breakfast bar. However, many kitchens don’t have enough square footage to accommodate a large island.

If your kitchen has a small footprint, an island can take away much-needed space for movement. Larger kitchens that can accommodate a new island will also require the appropriate size and height for functionality. You may think the island should be the same height as the rest of the counter space, but that may not be practical. Know the best height for your kitchen island before building one from scratch.

Don’t Forget About Counter and Storage Space

When you prepare home-cooked meals from scratch, you’re hyper-aware of the importance of counter space. All your dishes, smaller appliances, and ingredients take up space while you prepare dinner for your family. This is where storage space comes into play. A plethora of cabinets offers plentiful storage to keep your counter space open and usable. Avoiding clutter means plenty of cabinet space to store your dishes, appliances, and other cooking equipment.

Many styles of cabinet doors will offer the same open, minimalist design as some of your favorite Pinterest designs.

Don’t Choose a Stylish Kitchen Layout Over a Functional One

Think about the stylish kitchen you want vs. the one that actually works for you. Sometimes, when people get caught up in building their dream kitchen, they forget their material needs as a home cook. While style is important, sacrificing functionality for the sake of aesthetics will eventually make you frustrated with the design. It’s tempting to go for a wide kitchen that neatly sprawls against one or two walls like some models we see in catalogs.

But maybe the design that best fits your needs is more compact and spaced along four sides like a square. You could still have room to move around the area while keeping all counter spaces within reach. Sometimes, your dream kitchen’s layout isn’t actually practical. Make sure your design is easy to clean, and maintain and that it fits all the essentials.

Avoid Kitchen Conflicts With The Help of Huey Brown’s Kitchens & Appliances

What other kitchen design mistakes should you avoid when building your dream kitchen? That depends on what your dream kitchen looks like vs. how you cook and clean each day. At Huey Brown’s Kitchens and Appliances, we’re ready to help you combine the best of both worlds for a beautiful, functional kitchen design that fits you and your home. Call us at (504)-736-9001 to get started today!