Our Top 5 Tips to Help You Design Your Custom Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home and it’s where people spend most of their quality time, whether it’s making delicious feasts, eating, relaxing with a cup of coffee, or entertaining friends and family.

Your kitchen can be the source of a lot of happiness but it can also be a nuisance depending on the design functionality. A great kitchen can inspire you to cook delicious and nutritious meals, can enhance your house’s aesthetics, and increase its property value which is why customizing can have such a huge effect.

Creating a custom kitchen is the best way to create the kitchen space you’ve always wanted and needed, designed with your style, needs, and ideas in mind. It’s about going above and beyond to create the dream kitchen you deserve.

Custom kitchen design in New Orleans is a necessity when you take into consideration our range of culinary treasures and the memories that are created when cooking with friends and family. It’s about creating an event out of something that can be considered an ordinary activity. Down here in New Orleans, food is a real treasure and cooking is an event, not a chore.

Keep on reading and discover 5 tips that will help create your custom dream kitchen.

1 – Customize your kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the most practical features your kitchen can have, providing extra storage and surface space that not only has a functional appeal but a visual one as well. It helps give the kitchen a more spacious look as well as making it cozy.

Nevertheless, not all kitchen islands are made the same, and if you want to really create the perfect space your best option is to get a custom kitchen island. By doing so, you’ll get an expert’s advice on the best layout, size, and features to include relative to your space. You can also decide if it should have a sink, counter, or a stove, and how to maximize the storage space underneath.

2 – Cabinetry design

Another aspect that is pivotal for a dream kitchen is the cabinetry, a part of the kitchen that can make or break your cooking experience.

For this it is recommended to get professional advice from a cabinetry designer who can work with you in designing the perfect cabinet set for your custom kitchen.

You’ll feel grateful you did when you get to experience the custom designs that reflect your own tastes as well as their excellent functionality.

3 – Customize your kitchen materials

Ordinary pre-made kitchens are not designed with practicality, functionality, and beauty in mind and often sacrifice these for a low price that is easy to install. This is why custom kitchens get rid of the generic pre-made style and create a completely new space that is designed according to each client’s needs, preferences, and style to enhance every aspect of the kitchen.

Whether you would like marble countertops or granite, different types of wood either in the floor or for your cabinets, or if it’s best if the floors are tiled, you can choose exactly what works for you in terms of durability, style, texture, color, and so much more instead of putting up with the mere basics.

An expert can help you create the perfect combination of materials that are practical as well as beautiful.

4 – Custom lighting

Lighting significantly dictates our mood. If you’re having a nice glass of wine after a long day of work, you’ll want dim lights. If you’re having friends over for a cooking date then you’ll want bright lights, and if you want to fully see all your ingredients in the pantry, you’ll want lighting there as well.

Custom lighting can help create the perfect atmosphere regardless of the occasion. It can be designed with different colors and intensities as well, giving you full control of the atmosphere you want to create for each occasion.

5 – Appliances

Appliances are essential for the best cooking experience; the problem, however, comes when the counter gets chaotic and you can’t have your go-to appliances comfortably laid out for you in your kitchen.

Creating a custom kitchen allows you to have all of your needs in mind while designing the perfect kitchen according to your appliances as well. Whether it is the placement of power outlets, space, or a specific workflow that you prefer, you can build all of that in. You can have the coffee maker under the mugs cabinet, the stove near the utensils drawer, space for your juice maker close to the fridge and whatever you would like or prefer.

When creating a custom kitchen, you can also opt for smart kitchen appliances that can be included in the design, thus increasing both functionality and design.

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen now more than ever since many jobs have been permanently moved online. Having a clean, neat kitchen can improve your day to day while also increasing your property’s value, making this a wise investment.

For custom kitchen design services in New Orleans,Huey Brown’s Kitchens and Appliances is the go-to place to turn your kitchen dreams into a reality. We create spaces to inspire our clients and enhance their home life. We deliver expertise, experience, and the full service that you deserve.

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