How To Design A Functional Kitchen

They say bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. They’re also the number one things most people want to change in their homes. Whether you rarely cook or live alone, or you entertain often, chances are you want a functional kitchen.

Functional Kitchen Design Tips:

While there are many styles and design options out there, there are some kitchen functionality basics that every design should include.

The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle refers to the space between the stove, the fridge and the sink, which are the three things you are likely to use most when you are cooking. 

Ideally, these things should be arranged in a triangle that makes each of them easy to access from the other. This makes kitchen prep and cooking easier, and means you never have to walk too far while you’ve got dinner on the stove.


Many people focus on cabinets when they are designing a functional kitchen, and it’s true that you need great cabinets. Choosing the right base units, cabinet layout and uppers is an important part of kitchen design and functionality. 

However, many people overlook drawers, which are a very useful and functional addition to your kitchen design. 

Having enough drawers, and drawers in different sizes, can help you to create an organized and functional space. You should have enough drawers for cutlery and kitchen utensils, somewhere to store dishtowels and other kitchen textiles, and drawers that are large and deep where you can store baking equipment and even saucepans and lids. 

It’s usually easier to find items you’re looking for in a drawer than a deep cabinet, so this is perfect for things you use often. 

Pullout Garbage

No one really wants a smelly, ugly garbage can taking up floor space in their kitchen. 

Fortunately, there’s an alternative. 

Pullout garbage cans make it easy to keep all that mess out of sight. Many people choose to have two or more pullout garbage cans next to each other, so they can sort organics from inorganic material, and possibly have a dedicated bin for recycling. 

When these special garbage units are stowed away, so are all the smells, and it’s easy to insert and remove garbage bags when you need to. 

Sometimes, kitchen designs put pullout garbage units directly under prep space, so when you’re done with the prep, you can simply open the garbage unit and scrape the remains into the right bin.

Sink in Island

There are several benefits too placing a sink in an island. 

Firstly, it doesn’t take up valuable counter space, and if you add a prep area, you can get all of that done in one place, with less mess and less effort.

Placing a sink in an island is also a great idea if you have a good view from your open plan living space, or if you have a family and you want to be able to keep an eye on them while you work. 

This also makes it easier to create the kitchen triangle while still maximizing space.

Get a kitchen that works for you!

The most important thing about designing a functional kitchen is that you need to design one that works for you. 

If you love baking, that might mean choosing marble countertops, so you can roll pastry on a cold surface. If you have a young family, that might mean choosing flooring and cabinets that don’t show dirt as easily and are a little more durable. 

It means attention to detail, like installing task lighting where you need it, or a pot filler over the stove. That’s exactly what Huey Brown Kitchens does, and if you want to design your dream functional kitchen, we’d love to help! Contact our team to find out what we do, and how we can help you to turn the kitchen of your dreams into the kitchen in your home.

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