5 Beautiful Kitchen Design Trends of 2022

Many of us have only recently grown to acknowledge a whole new level of awareness and appreciation for our kitchens. With our lifestyles and way of living constantly evolving — and the kitchen being a go-to multi-functional space where we spend a great deal of our time — naturally, we’d want to breathe more life into it. 

There’s a constant shift in design trends that make it into our homes and, let’s keep it real, who doesn’t want an Instagrammable kitchen that creates envy at the next dinner party? If you’re looking into designing or remodeling the kitchen of your dreams and you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of five beautiful kitchen design trends to expect for 2022 to help you refresh the heart of your home.

Minimalism Style

With minimalism, less is more. But it’s about doing more with less to create an immaculate and polished look through form, function and organization to simplify everything. Minimalism is a fundamental trend not only for 2022 but also in interior design in general. It’s always a great idea to transform your kitchen into a sleek and serene space with straight lines and hassle-free details. 

Forsaking unnecessary details and opting for neutral and earthy tones or a monochromatic scheme can help achieve a beautifully luxurious kitchen space. The great thing about this style is it can truly make a room look more spacious. Even with a small space and some natural light, you have a new expensive-looking kitchen full of character and timelessness.

Statement Island

Nothing makes a statement in a kitchen quite like a statement island, which will be more stylish than ever for 2022 kitchen trends. It’s the majestic centerpiece that demands attention as soon as you walk in.

A great kitchen effortlessly combines different features such as cabinets, kitchen appliances, worktops and the overall layout. But a statement island will ultimately tie your design together. It enhances the functionality and also makes it visually pleasing by creating a focal point in your kitchen. A statement island becomes a striking feature to add a touch of elegance. 

Having a statement island adds a sense of versatility when thinking about multi-functional spaces because it can serve as a place for dining, entertaining, an impromptu bar or even an office workstation. That’s what 2022 is all about — beautiful, flexible spaces.

Statement Pendant Light

Lighting is a massive focus for design in 2022 and this includes bold statement pendant lighting. It’s difficult to get by with a lone light fixture in a room and among the appliances and cabinets. It’s impractical when creating a well-balanced space to utilize and showcase your kitchen. 

Using a harmonious combination of ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting, you’ll create a mood for different uses of your kitchen. Statement pendant lighting can work wonderfully with any kind of interior style you can think of and it comes to be the visual jewel of your kitchen.

No Cabinet Knobs

Design trends are moving more towards sleek and innovative kitchens, created to save time, energy and where the main purpose is efficiency. So why not save yourself the hassle of going through a plethora of different knobs and handles when you can integrate touch-to-open/no knob cabinets into your beautiful modern kitchen? 

And hey, no one needs to know you’re in there at 2 am looking for snacks because the push to open cabinets have softer mechanisms, so it’s quiet!

Floating Shelves

You can create a great storage solution through floating shelves, which is a particularly favorite trend in kitchens, especially for 2022. It can open up your lovely kitchen to make it feel more spacious and adds a touch of minimalism aesthetic. Floating shelves are becoming so much more popular in the following years as they can look aesthetically pleasing and create a sense of individuality. 

With the sheer quantity of ever-evolving kitchen trends, it can be overwhelming to pick out styles for your home. We’ve picked out five of the most beautiful ones to help you transform your kitchen into a fresh space, but if you’re looking to design or remodel your kitchen, Huey Brown’s Kitchens And Appliances will help bring about your vision for the kitchen of your dreams.

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