4 Practical Tips When Designing a New Kitchen

Designing a new kitchen can become overwhelming. However, you can streamline the process and enjoy superb results by starting with a clear vision and avoiding inevitable mistakes along the way. Below, our design team at Huey Brown Kitchens in New Orleans, LA, looks at four practical tips to help you map out your new space. 

1. Plan for Storage and Counter Space

Have you ever been in a kitchen that doesn’t have enough cupboard space for glasses, dishes, pots, and pans? Maybe toasters, blenders, microwave ovens, and other kitchen appliances cluttered the countertops? Unfortunately, many homeowners suffer from too little kitchen storage and counter space.

As you plot your kitchen renovation or redesign, consider how much space you need. You’ll want to install kitchen cabinets of the right size and shape in an ideal location. Also, try to envision where your refrigerator, oven, sink, and bulky appliances will go, and then add a little extra counter space.

2. Factor in Natural Light, Ventilation, and Climate

Designing a new kitchen gets complicated when you start thinking about natural light, ventilation, and climate. Dark kitchens often look less attractive and create safety hazards while using the stove, cutting vegetables, or preparing a meal. You’ll want to design your kitchen strategically to maximize the amount of natural sunlight—maybe even add a skylight. 

Proper ventilation is another critical aspect of good kitchen design. Cooking releases fumes and steam, quickly building into an uncomfortable environment. Ensure you have sufficient exhaust vents to remove those fumes and keep appliances or storage containers from blocking them.

You should also design your kitchen with climate control as a high priority. Depending on where you live and what time of year it is, you may face too much or too little heat in your kitchen. Natural light and ventilation both play a role in controlling your kitchen’s climate, so consider those two factors as you add insulation, windows, doors, skylights, flooring, etc.

3. Add Personality to Your Kitchen Design

Don’t be afraid to add a personal touch when designing a new kitchen. A kitchen is the heart of every home, and you’ll want yours to meet all your unique preferences and needs. This includes thinking about functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics.

  • Functionality: How many cooks are in your household, and how will they use the kitchen? Do you need a specific type of cabinet for storage or a kitchen island for doing homework? Determining how you’ll use your kitchen will help you design it effectively.
  • Accessibility: Do you have young children or family members who use wheelchairs? Are members of your household tall or relatively short, on average? You’ll want to design your new kitchen with everyone’s needs and limitations in mind.
  • Aesthetics: Do you lean toward a rustic interior décor or a modern one? Looks really do matter, so don’t forget about the aesthetics as you reimagine your kitchen layout. 

If renovating or building an entirely new kitchen seems daunting, don’t forgo the project. A team of professional kitchen designers can help bring your vision to life. Contact a superior kitchen design company in New Orleans to ensure that the job goes right. 

4. Include a Practical Floor Plan

The floor plan is one of the most important aspects of designing a new kitchen. Many people have closed-off kitchens when they’d rather have an open-floor design. Others have a breakfast bar or kitchen island that cramps the walkways and workspace.

You’ll want to design your kitchen with a practical floor plan that maximizes the space without making it feel overcrowded. Add plenty of standing room to your kitchen layout while thinking about traffic flow and how it may affect functionality.

Expert Kitchen Design Services in the New Orleans Area

Designing a new kitchen can be thrilling but also intimidating and exhausting. If you need help with considerations for your dream kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact our expert kitchen designers at Huey Brown’s Kitchens in New Orleans, LA. Call us at (504) 736-9001 for solutions to all your kitchen and flooring needs!